Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What the Peacock's have been up to all summer!!

We have had a GREAT summer. It has been busy but fun. I decided I need to share what we have been up to. All though this does not include all the baseball games and swim meets etc..... its still a glimpse. Enjoy and thanks Summer Allred for your inspiration to update my blog.

Me and Ryan did a Maui trip with friends in June and had a wonderful time. This is Ulua Beach. One of our favorite beaches to snorkel at.

We found this cute blue door in Maui and couldn't resist taking photos infront of it.

Me and Ryan in Maui at Iao Valley. Fun summer trip. I love Hawaii....

Picking up Zach from Timberline. Nothing like a week in the wilderness. Sorry I did not get a photo of the bear that came through the camp on the last night.... Scary

Zach and his spray paint art that won a Blue Ribbon in the local art show.

Nothing like the local celebration. Personally I do not like the carnival but the boys insist we go!!! All I can think the whole time is don't throw up!!!

Fishing at Utah Lake.

First day of Jr High for Zach.

First day of 5th grade for Hayden.

Even though summer is coming to and end and fall is all around us. Which is my favorite time of year. We are still going crazy with baseball and football. We just celebrated Haydens 11th birthday and this is the first time in several years we didnt celebrate at Lake Powell. I think he felt pretty cheated. We were pretty bummed about it. We are missing Powell but hopefully we will get to visit next year.