Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake Powell weekend with friends

First off this is not our boat!!! The second picture is our boat!!! But we wish the first picture was our boat!!! haha
Had a fun time at Powell and went to The Pointe Marina (Antelope Point Reservation) which is where all the wealthy people go except for the 2nd picture and us of course. We did have a good time checking the big boats out there as we went for ice cream. All though Arizona was receiving record amounts of rain fall that week we had perfect weather. Good times just lounging and playing. Loved it!!!

Ryan Loves his wake skate!!!

And if you can't tell we loved our "do rags" thats what we called them anyways. Perfect for the boat!!! Why I have no pictures of Justin is beyond me but he was there with us. I will get pictures of him and dedicate a whole post to just him.

Fishing at Maple Lake

Took Hayden fishing at Maple Lake while Zach was in Boston(thats why he isnt in any pictures. Will post Boston pictures later I hope) and caught only 1 little fishy. We fished there for 2 nights with no luck!! Apparently the fish werent biting for us but they were for everyone else it seems!!!

This is my scenery shot. Didnt it turn out GREAT!! The reflection was awesome.