Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer time!!!!

Can't believe its already July 22nd. The summer has flown by. We have been busy like everyone else with baseball, swimming and little trips here and there. Right now Zach is with his Grandma Peacock and Cousin Amiee touring Boston and then off to Maine. What a lucky kid. We can't wait till they get home so we can see all the pictures they are taking. Its the 24th this weekend and Hayden's team is playing in the Tournament of Champions through Rocky Mtn School of Baseball. Only 12 teams qualify for this tourny so we are really excited. Here are some pictures of our Summer so far!

Zach and Hayden went with Ryan on the Youth Conference River Rafting trip and had a fun time. Looks beautiful there and I here the river was real calm unlike the Provo river that scared the crap out of me that's part of the reason I didn't do this trip and time off at work. They had fun and I said maybe we could go as a family sometime.

Hayden playing ball this summer. He loves to steal and get dirty and he was once a very slow runner but has increased a bit. He also played city league and was picked up on a team to go to tournament. He loves to play.

Oh the joys of swimming laps every morning!!!! We carpooled with the Finch's. Swimming laps is hard work but they did really well. Didn't make it to any swim meets because of scheduling conflicts but maybe next year.

Zach playing ball this summer. Was fun to watch. First year on this team and they did pretty well. I think they will come along nicely it they keep at it.