Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The first picture is Zach heading off to his first overnight winter camp and as you can see the backpack weighs more than him. Ryan said he will learn to pack less next time and my comment back was how is that possible for a winter camp??? My feeling is you could never pack enough!!!! He survived and came home very tired!!! He also earned his Weblos badge and his Arrow of Light!!! Finally thanks to a pushy mom and WONDERFULL scout leaders.

Zach presents Grandma Peacock's Birthday cake

Well as you can see by the title Zach has been baking again!!!! Since grandma always bakes cakes for everyones birthday Zach wanted to do one for Grandma Peacock's birthday. Turned out pretty dang good!!! He thinks he is the "Cake Boss" and wants to make them bigger and better including using fondant. I told him keep dreaming and watching "Cake Boss"!!!

Field Trip to the Capitol

We had a great time on this field trip and learned alot. Zach had been looking forward to this since school started!!! I would definately go again. Representative Painter spoke with them at lunch time and answered their questions. He also provided pizza for the kids. It was a fun day!!!