Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Monday, January 27, 2014

WOW its been a long time!!!!

It's hard to believe that September 2011 is the last time I blogged. I look at what was going on in my life back then and I can't help but think how so much has changed. My kids have grown up so much. We now live in Albuquerque NM. I truly miss the house that is photographed in some of those old pictures. I don't think I will ever get over leaving Payson, UT. Leaving our home we loved so much including the yard. Our wonderful neighborhood. Our wonderful Ward. All our family and friends and the great small town of Payson in general. Its hard to say if I will achieve that peace I felt in Payson ever again. We moved to ABQ for Ryan's job in August 2012 and of course are thankful for this great opportunity. Hayden is now 13 and still playing baseball and Zachary is 15 and playing football and wrestling for Volcano Vista High School. He is still waiting to take driving school to get his license. I get to stay home which some days I am grateful for and some days its hard. I miss my old job and co-workers in Payson tremendously. ABQ is very brown and very dry. The wind blows a lot but it can be beautiful and sunny on the perfect day. Not having to shovel or drive in the snow is a bonus here they say but I tend to disagree. When it snows those 2 days in the winter I always pray it lasts all day but its generally melted by noon. Thanksgiving in Albuquerque 2012
Zachary getting to fly a plane for Civil Air Patrol 2013
Thanksgiving in Albuquerque 2013. Hayden Zachary and Roman our exchange student from Germany
Hayden pitching for the Bulldogs at the Field of Dreams in Arizona 2013 spring
Balloon Fiesta Oct 2013
Madrid NM fall 2012. There are some fun and colorful places for photos here in ABQ
Lake Powell summer 2013. Our favorite place to be as a family
As you can see we are trying to keep busy and adjust to our new surroundings. Some days is easier than others but in the end we are grateful to be a family. Hugs from Albuquerque

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What the Peacock's have been up to all summer!!

We have had a GREAT summer. It has been busy but fun. I decided I need to share what we have been up to. All though this does not include all the baseball games and swim meets etc..... its still a glimpse. Enjoy and thanks Summer Allred for your inspiration to update my blog.

Me and Ryan did a Maui trip with friends in June and had a wonderful time. This is Ulua Beach. One of our favorite beaches to snorkel at.

We found this cute blue door in Maui and couldn't resist taking photos infront of it.

Me and Ryan in Maui at Iao Valley. Fun summer trip. I love Hawaii....

Picking up Zach from Timberline. Nothing like a week in the wilderness. Sorry I did not get a photo of the bear that came through the camp on the last night.... Scary

Zach and his spray paint art that won a Blue Ribbon in the local art show.

Nothing like the local celebration. Personally I do not like the carnival but the boys insist we go!!! All I can think the whole time is don't throw up!!!

Fishing at Utah Lake.

First day of Jr High for Zach.

First day of 5th grade for Hayden.

Even though summer is coming to and end and fall is all around us. Which is my favorite time of year. We are still going crazy with baseball and football. We just celebrated Haydens 11th birthday and this is the first time in several years we didnt celebrate at Lake Powell. I think he felt pretty cheated. We were pretty bummed about it. We are missing Powell but hopefully we will get to visit next year.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baseball with the cousins... a great day!!

Another great day for baseball. It was finally semi warm that we could wear summer clothes with a hoodie. I meant to take more pictures but missed alot of spectators. Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz came and brought Cody who was a big help with Wyatt too. Grandma Peacock came and brought Emari, Ella and Wyatt. Grandpa Peacock came and brought us all Wendys for lunch. Oh I need to take better pictures. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting Hayden. It was a good day.

Zach and Wyatt. Zach entertained Wyatt for 4 hours and as you can see Wyatt followed him everywhere.

Emari and Ella. It's always fun to have them at the ballpark.

Hayden up to bat

Hayden Pitching

Arrow of Light.... Way to go Hayden

Had a nice Arrow of Light Ceremony for the Weblos up the canyon. Hayden also earned his Weblos patch.. So thankful for the scout leaders that worked so hard with the boys to help them earn such a great award. You can see the boys were having a blast and a camp fire is always fun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zach is so talented....

Zach has accomplished many things lately.... He has mastered the rubik cube or how ever you spell it??? He manages to take photos of himself.... he has mastered pizza from scratch and has discovered spray paint art which he is really good at in fact he sales his paintings and has also made some for his old 6th grade classroom.

UVU Game Haydens team got to take the field.

Haydens power team got to take the field with the UVU players for the National Anthem. Talk about fun.... The kids were crazy excited to get autographs and hang with the team for a few precious moments.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bring on the Summer....

Well school is finally out... We had a cold and wet Memorial Day weekend with alot of baseball but now the summer has began. More baseball, swim team, scout camps, family camp outs and our long awaited Maui trip in 9 days... oh yeah we are stoked and the boys are stoked for their camping trips. I am really missing my blog and need to get on more but I do love looking at everyone elses.
Of course I had to post a photo of Maui just for fun.... can't wait to be in the sun and the sand.